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Denials Recovery and Management

Claim denials can eat up 10-15% of revenues. RMG attacks the problem in 2 ways via our proprietary HFMA MAPkey compliant software; identifying faulty processes that cause the denials in the first place and accelerated resubmission. Our software matches claim with its remittance thereby eliminating duplicate efforts, and manual research and rework. There are no new fixed costs and RMG only gets paid after the rebilled claim is paid.

Revenue Cycle Management

RMG Central Business Office is an end-to-end revenue cycle solution that manages your entire billing operation, claim creation, quick submission, aggressive follow up, appeals and payment posting. We will increase your cash collections and over 98% of our claims are paid on the first submission.

Chronic Care & Annual Wellness Program

Medicare is committed to changing the face of healthcare by implementing preventative healthcare initiatives. Chronic Care Management and Annual Wellness Visits will improve patient care, work within your existing workflow to minimize disruption to your practice and add more than $800 per patient per year in new revenue. RMG provides an end to end turnkey solution by providing all staffing, technology and documentation including billing reporting.


The new Medicare alphabet soup is confusing, but RMG can help. We will analyze your practice compared to these new rules and position your practice to achieve the maximum reimbursement from Medicare for 2018 and beyond.

Consulting Services

RMG provides innovative consulting to our hospital and medical group clients. We provide big company expertise at small company cost and service. A sampling of services includes Practice Management, IT system selection, Payor contracting and regulatory support.

Boca Raton, Florida (June 22, 2018)

The stunning announcement that CareSync, a Chronic Care Management company has shuttered its doors has left their clients and patients without the services that helped manage a physician’s sickest patients.

Revenue Maximization Group (RMG) provides a turnkey full service offering that includes on site staffing that deliver:

• Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)

• Chronic Care Management (CCM)

• Advanced Care Planning (ACP)

• Transitional Care Management (TCM)

• Behavioral Health Integration (BHI)

Stuart Miller, CEO commented “RMG provides a full-service package that practices are recognizing is the highest quality and best value. For those CareSync customers who wish to provide continuity of care for their patients RMG is poised and has the capability to handle the transition in a seamless manner.”

About RMG: With more than 100 years of leadership expertise in health care management, finance, supply chain and operations, and Information technology, RMG is uniquely qualified to deliver the highest level of Preventative Care Services through its Annual Wellness, Chronic Care Management, end to end services. Our unique approach of placing our employees onsite at our client locations set us apart in many ways. Additionally, RMG optimizes cash flow, recovers denied claims and design systems that boost financial efficiency that supports patient care. Our solutions deliver enhanced care through care management programs, additional cash flow, practice management and data intelligence to optimize business of healthcare. RMG allows clients to focus on their core mission: Providing excellent care.

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Revenue Maximization Group is composed of seasoned professionals with years of expertise in the business of healthcare. We are uniquely equipped with the best tools and services to optimize your entire healthcare business platform. Whether it is reducing costs, increasing revenues, streamlining workflow or adding new incremental revenue generating solutions, RMG will ensure you meet and exceed your corporate objectives

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