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Chronic Care Management

Our preventative healthcare services provide onsite staff to help manage CCM, AWV and related services. Our Care Coordinators are full-time RMG employees that go through a rigorous interview process and training program. The practice always has the final say on whether our Care Coordinators fit with their culture.

RMG can help you generate in excess of $800 per patient per year by performing:

  • Non-Complex CCM – CPT 99490
  • Complex CCM – CPT 99487
  • Complex CCM add-on – CPT 99489
  • Annual Wellness Visits – G0438
  • Subsequent Wellness Visits – G0439
  • Advanced Care Planning – CPT 99497

Care and Compliance

RMG handles account management and care coordination, protecting your overburdened office staff.  Our care coordinators build personal relationships with patients and ensure all these services are performed:

  • Schedule & Conduct Annual Wellness Visits
  • Conduct the Advance Care planning for Annual Wellness
  • Identify and enroll CCM patients
  • Perform CCM activities to meet or exceed 20 minutes of non-face to face time
  • Generate personalized care plans for CCM
  • Place documents in EHR for provider reference
  • Simplified AWV and CCM billing
  • Monthly metric reporting

About RMG

With more than 100 years of expertise in health care management, finance, supply chain and operations, RMG is uniquely qualified to optimize cash flow, recover denied claims and design systems that boost financial efficiency and patient care. Our solutions deliver enhanced care, additional cash flow and data intelligence to optimize your business. RMG allows you and your staff to focus on your core mission: Providing excellent care.

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