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Denials Recovery

Your Denials Management  and Recovery Solution

At RMG, we attack the root cause  of all denials

  • Our software identifies faulty processes that cause denials.
  • Our proprietary tools and extensive experience allow us to quickly track denials, manage resubmissions and identify workflow changes that prevent denials.
  • By analyzing all 289 reason codes, and matching 835s and 837s, we eliminate duplicate entries and isolate actionable denials, creating an efficient and effective program.

Our Value to Your Business

  • We perform a free opportunity assessment that identifies actionable denials
  • Complete end-to-end staffing and technology solution — RMG provides full services
  • Total Control of your denials recovery and prevention solutions
  • Our fees are 100 percent performance-based. RMG only gets paid after you get paid.
  • No new fixed costs, startup fees or monthly software fees
  • Our software technology is HFMA’s MAPKey and HIPAA-compliant
  • Free software use during the term of engagement
  • By receiving both claims (837) and payments (835) information from different payors, we can eliminate duplicate data, allowing us to accurately and efficiently perform the work
  • Our Success Report captures all 289 denial reason codes and highlights both successes and where additional work must be performed, providing accurate management reporting and progress
  • Reduced days in A/R
  • No workflow interruptions for billing staff; they can concentrate on current receivables
  • RMG does not require any client information


Information is Power

RMG provides a sophisticated, web-based dashboard to track key performance indicators and manage denials from receipt to resubmission. The dashboard includes a wealth of critical data, supporting denial behaviors, recoveries and negotiations with payers:

  • Days to payment metrics for successful appeals
  • All appealed denials by reason, payer and charges
  • Successful appeals and payment amounts

If you have been looking for a solution that will increase cash flow and eliminate ongoing denial losses, the RMG solution is a no-cost, no-risk service that is 100 percent performance-based. For the first time, you will have complete transparency and total control of your denials processes.


About RMG

With more than 100 years of expertise in health care management, finance, supply chain and operations, RMG is uniquely qualified to optimize cash flow, recover denied claims and design systems that boost financial efficiency and patient care. Our solutions deliver enhanced care, additional cash flow and data intelligence to optimize your business. RMG allows you and your staff to focus on your core mission: Providing excellent care.


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Revenue Maximization Group is composed of seasoned professionals with years of expertise in the business of healthcare. We are uniquely equipped with the best tools and services to optimize your entire healthcare business platform. Whether it is reducing costs, increasing revenues, streamlining workflow or adding new incremental revenue generating solutions, RMG will ensure you meet and exceed your corporate objectives

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