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Revenue Cycle Management: RMG does the heavy lifting

As hospitals and physician practices grapple with intense pressure to optimize revenue cycle management processes, outsourcing has emerged as a go-to solution to this  challenge. RMG’s end-to-end solution and experienced  team provides critical expertise to implement an effective RCM and CBO solution.

RMG’s full RCM outsourcing solution will improve your organization’s cash flow as well as sustain these improved results by leveraging best practices, technology and training. Our services are customized to specific needs based on existing technology, improving on current workflow processes
to ensure accurate claims are going out the door. Information
flows back to your office so problems are reduced on the front end, which improves productivity and cash collection.

RMG dedicated revenue specialists provide simplified information to keep you connected to your improved cash flow.

Information is Power

RMG focuses on getting you paid the first time, that’s why 96.23 percent of claims submitted by our RCM  clients are successfully adjudicated on the first submission.

With RMG managing your revenue cycle, you can count on a company that has delivered results. We stay  current on all regulations, we constantly review all practice metrics and ensure that your practice is being paid for every service performed. Think of us as a consultant sub specialist with a unique expertise that supports your practice.

Additional revenue maximization solutions

  • Credentialing
  • Payer contracting and negotiating
  • Workflow optimization
  • Information technology system selection

About RMG

With more than 100 years of expertise in health care management, finance, supply chain and operations, RMG is uniquely qualified to optimize cash flow, recover denied claims and design systems that boost financial efficiency and patient care. Our solutions deliver enhanced care, additional cash flow and data intelligence to optimize your business. RMG allows you and your staff to focus on your core mission: Providing excellent care.

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Revenue Maximization Group is composed of seasoned professionals with years of expertise in the business of healthcare. We are uniquely equipped with the best tools and services to optimize your entire healthcare business platform. Whether it is reducing costs, increasing revenues, streamlining workflow or adding new incremental revenue generating solutions, RMG will ensure you meet and exceed your corporate objectives

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